Design and Implementation

Implementing a new network or upgrading an existing one relies on the precise execution of the design factors mentioned above. The planning stage seeks to limit disruptions in the company using a phased approach.
During the implementation phase, Technical Framework will help you coordinate with employees, department heads, and outside vendors. Clear communication regarding the scope of each implementation stage will keep everyone informed and help staff to limit the impact of the expected downtimes.

Network Auditing

Network auditing gives precise knowledge about the current position of your network architecture and includes a detailed analysis of its capacity, efficiency, maintenance requirements, upgrades and how it can be optimally expanded. Vg Computers International’s network audit services provide monitoring, detailed analysis and troubleshooting and many other services as part of our network audit to check for our customer’s infrastructure. Our network engineers are experts in providing specialized services and have access to the right tools to conduct a network analysis.

Network Site Planning

In today’s hybrid world of physical and virtual resources, planning and design demand expertise and time investment. A full understanding of the designed service is required, from its decomposition down to the required logical and physical resources needed to meet capacity forecast and network bottlenecks requirements. 

Vg Computers Network Planning and Design, thanks to innovative architecture and years of technological expertise, addresses the needs of the telecom industry. It enables the preparation of a balanced network strategy and ensures that customers are happy with your services.

Structured Cabling

When you install a structured cabling system, you’re investing in a scalable infrastructure. The amount of technology used in the workplace will only grow, so it’s important your network can support all of your needs in speed and bandwidth.
Structured cabling solutions support video, voice, applications and any other tool you might use at your business. Different types of cables support different functions, but they all work together in the infrastructure. With new technologies and tools being added to the workplace every day, structured cabling can support you.