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About VG Computers

Western Maharashtra may not be the birthplace of co-operative movement, but it definitely has provided the fertile territory, which has nourished and nurtured the movement. With its abundant wealth of infra-structural facilities it provided a perfect platform where the co-operative movement could launch itself and flourish and blossom into a movement that now is omnipresent and ubiquitous. This combined with the mind set and foresight of pioneers of co-operative movement in Maharashtra such as Late Shri Vasant Dada Patil & Late Shri Yashwantrao Chavan, has culminated in a

Co-operative Sector Network that is all encompassing and is deeply rooted.
As computerization spread its wings, in an era, which is driven by information technology, this sector could not afford to be just a bystander. In order to keep abreast of the changing technological scenario and in order to use the technology so that it would be able to provide a faster and more accurate front-end to its customers, the financial institution sector needed a stable and reliable source which could provide them with robust solutions based on information technology.

The financial institutions sector in this area could not alienate itself from this movement and as such a closely-knit network of co-operative financial institutes sprung up. With careful planning and functionality that is transparent as well as accountable the network has grown into a healthy mesh that is now finds itself fused into the financial infrastructure of the state.

It was around this time, a time, which was rich in proffering IT business for co-operative sector as well as demanding in functionality driven and need based IT solutions, and V.G Computers started its operations.

V.G.Computers is a consultancy and project deployment firm for hardware and software.  Started by Bhavesh Shah in 1995 it has steadily etched a luminous and illustrious path leaving behind imprints of trust and faith among its clients.

Initially its operations were restricted to supply and maintenance of hardware. The IT industry, however, demanded a complete one-stop solution provider under one roof. These trends in the IT industry compelled V.G Computers to diversify into an automation consultation and project deployment firm. This needed careful and strategic planning combined with an efficient financial management. With these views it has established itself as a leader in providing Solutions to the Co-operative Financial Institutions Information Technology Sector.

V.G Computers, over the years, has gathered more than adequate experience and expertise in providing ‘Turn Key’ solutions to FI sector. Its special areas of operations are to automate a branch of a bank from grass roots level. This includes planning for computerization of the branch, providing the necessary hardware, implementing the software product, and imparting training to the user

Area of Operations & Services Rendered

Typically, area of operations of VG Computers is Banking Sector Information Technology Sector.

The key is to provide a well-gelled and seamless IT solution to the banking sector that is feasible economically, viable functionally and is state of the art technically. Beyond these factors, given the security considerations needed to operate a data of a bank, the IT solution catering to this sector must be secure and traceable, flexible in operation, easy to use and stable and robust.