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Data Center

We provide data center products and integrated systems, designed for heavy-duty applications and the world’s ever-increasing data demands.

We offer expert solutions for data center infrastructure management, power distribution, critical power and UPS, cooling, grid connection, and measurements. Every product is extensively tested to give you maximum uptime, ensuring they’re robust, reliable and as ready for tomorrow as they are for today.


VG Computers specialises in IT and Network Support and installing business computer networks. Besides looking after computer maintenance we are also liable for supervising and designing the hardware installation and manufacturing process. We are sure that we would be able to satisfy the most demanding needs of our clients for requirements ranging from Servers to Desktop Computers, Nodes, Work Stations, and Peripherals namely Printers, Scanners, Plotters, Storage Devices, Backup Devices, Modems, LAN cards, Video Conferencing Kits and UPS.

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We work with our clients to help business users (customers) to be productive (and understand) what’s involved in software development.

We also work with software developers (suppliers) to better communicate with users through objective, business oriented measurement. Technology can be daunting, but we make the process of defining and building software solutions easy to understand!We are a consulting and training company dedicated to making software intensive projects successful.


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